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Commercial Video Wall Display Planned to Perfection


We’re here to help you find your Direct View LED Video Wall Solution

In a nutshell, Phase Integration serves as your point of connection to all your corporate technology needs.

By leveraging our industry expertise and extended professional network, we connect you with manufacturers, equipment and software resellers, integrators and other labor resources. We become your central link to guiding the best unbiased commercial video wall product recommendations and system designs, as well as the most cost-effective options to meet your budget.

We’re ready to assist with your enterprise Direct View LED project. Send us the details. We’ll match you with the best LED Video Wall Manufactures for your needs.

Phase Integration provides centralized corporate technology planning solutions organized in a phased approach.

Every corporate technology project has multiple phases, which can be challenging to manage. We bring all the phases together for your convenience. Whether you need help with one or two parts of your project or you want everything handled from beginning to end, Phase Integration will ensure it is completed on time and on budget.

We understand that your organization has its own unique culture and preferences for running the business. We break down the way traditional commercial video wall projects are managed so that each phase can be tailored to match your particular needs.

Take advantage of our three-pronged approach.

The team analyzes the business expenses of the annual budget.


We’ll discuss your project requirements, timeline and budget. We can advise on needs and offer insight on how best to implement, including what corporate LED video wall pack technologies you need, where you want your led display screen, the purpose it serves, and options to make that happen.

The team analyzes the business expenses of the annual budget.

#2 Live Demos

It’s not just big words and flashy pictures – we can arrange private viewings of various enterprise digital wall solutions at our partner manufacturer showrooms and guide you to live LED billboard and video wall installations nationwide where you can see the actual results you can get.

The team analyzes the business expenses of the annual budget.

#3 Labor Procurement

We’ll handle all the corporate project details for you, including managing labor sources and ensuring deadlines are met. We’ll also provide ongoing support and preventive maintenance for indoor or outdoor LED display panels and video walls, long after systems have been installed.