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Forget all the hassle of researching and installing all components needed for digital signage. Evoko Pusco is a complete space communication system. Everything you need in one product. All you have to do is plug in two cables. All support and warranties is guaranteed by Evoko. We have focused on the technology so that you can focus on what really matters – creating the impact you are after. For public space communication, this is the easy way out.


Applications you can quickly publish the content you want. You no longer have to worry about the laborious process of creating tailor-made content or complex publishing systems. Evoko Pusco is so easy that anyone can use it. Let different people in the organization be responsible for updating information about their individual responsibilities. The built in lights and sound can be adjusted to emphasize your messages by setting them to be automatically triggered by different events on the screen. Create and schedule playlist for each Evoko Pusco or group them together. Evoko Pusco is a unique system; just select the applications that are right for you and start getting results. Guaranteed to look good, every time.


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Regardless if you are an innovate office, a courteous hotel or a professional law firm, your public spaces benefit from better communication. Make your customers feel more welcome in the reception and make them up to date on your business. Drive employee engagement through project updates, goal dashboards and sharing company values. Share the news, the company’s Twitter feed or give everyone a clear overview of the meeting room status. Whether you want higher customer satisfaction, employee motivation or internal efficiency, Evoko Pusco has the application you need.

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Phase Integration doesn’t resell product, which allows us to provide unbiased recommendations based on functionality, timeline and budget. We are dedicated to making our customers the number one priority, which is why we work side-by-side with manufacturers such as Evoko.

Read below about a brand new product, called the Evoko Pusco for your space communication needs.


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