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Workplace Technology Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Management Firms

Understanding that your primary goal as a commercial real estate management firm is to maintain and enhance the value of commercial properties, our workplace technology and project management consultants engineer technology designs that optimize space and provide on-call support for any issues that may arise. Our project management specialists can work with existing vendors or find the right specialists qualified to elevate properties. At Phase Integration, we: 

  • Assess existing technology and analyze building management systems of prospective commercial buildings

  • Select vendors and manufacturers qualified to perform design features complementing space development

  • Provide immediate support via our Help Desk

Workplace Technology Consulting and Design Services

Through a technology consultation, our team of specialists identifies functional objectives and develops a design plan integrated with your client’s vision of the space. We provide workplace technology services with a holistic project management approach, featuring audiovisual design, lighting control systems, and sound masking solutions. Services include:

  • In-depth technology design consultation

  • Evaluation of existing building management systems

  • Ongoing technology support and preventative maintenance


Yes, our specialists can evaluate your existing technology systems and help design a new system or reconstruct an old system to meet standard levels of performance. 

Yes, we understand companies and buildings implement environmentally safe principles on disposing old technology. We can assist with recycling old or unused technology aligned with EPA guidelines, providing clients with a certificate of safely recycled materials.