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Make Better
Decisions with Data

Make Better Decisions with Data

Workplace Optimization and Analytics

One of the biggest challenges our customers face is understanding how their space is being used. Many organizations implement technology and make long-term decisions about office configurations based on assumptions.

At Phase Integration, we use advanced tools and analytics to take the guesswork out of identifying your needs. To optimize your workplace, we monitor individual and shared spaces, like workstations and conference rooms, to see how often and how many people are using these spaces. Using this data, we help you make more informed, better long-term decisions that have a positive impact on your employee experiences. We can also help manage pandemic-related concerns with sensor technology that monitors room occupants and cleaning needs. Benefits include:

  • Minimize wasted space

  • Create better employee experiences

  • Save money by rightsizing your space and technology

  • Have more control over pandemic-related policies

Workplace Optimization Solutions


Whether you’re planning for a new space, updating your current office or reconfiguring your workplace, Phase Integration can help you implement the right tools and technology to help engage employees while giving them an environment for success. Recently, we’ve seen more challenges as organizations continue to navigate pandemic-related changes, from creating shared desk spaces to limiting occupants, our solutions ensure you’re getting an accurate picture of your needs. Services include:

  • Space utilization metrics

  • People counting for assistance with social distancing, including triggers for too many occupants in a room

  • Hotel desk scheduling

  • Desk cleaning alerts

  • Flow monitoring for social distancing and pandemic concerns