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Simple Designs
for Better
User Experiences

Simple Designs for Better User Experiences

Workplace Technology Solutions for Space Planners and Interior Designers

As space planners and interior designers, we understand having an unfamiliarity with every aspect of a workspace design project creates a fractured client experience. Upon solidifying a workspace design, a visual blueprint presents alternative solutions or décor modifications for ideal space utilization. As workplace technology and project management consultants, we partner with you to engineer office technology designs that optimize and support seamless arrangements across various types of commercial workspaces. At Phase Integration, we:

  • Do a deep dive into your clients’ commercial technology needs by discovering ideal end-user experience and system functionality

  • Present a project map consultation to identify diverse technology plans

  • Offer complete workplace technology design and engineering unique to space utilization

Workplace Technology Consulting and Design Services

To cultivate an aesthetically integrated workspace design, our technology specialists extract data to provide space planners and interior designers with analytic insights, creating better designs in sync with the envisioned commercial space. We provide workplace technology services to support a variety of spaces, featuring audiovisual design, lighting control systems, and sound masking solutions. Services include:

  • Space design consultation

  • Data insights for proper flow of mix-use spaces

  • Overview of building aesthetics


Yes, we select the best manufacturers offering the latest technology equipment configured to complement any commercial space design, tastefully. We service building management systems to implement an alluring atmosphere, featuring color-changing office LED lighting, integrated music playback systems, flawless shade, solar design, and much more.  

Yes, our technology designs integrate through a concealed single control system, constructing all technology to blend with the environment’s aesthetics. We can design a control system incorporating structured cabling into a central remote location, completely masking cable pathways. 

During the planning stage, we discuss functional objectives for various space types. Our project map outlines a complete technology scope that satisfies the needs of each space, developing technology design formats enhancing space utilization.