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Designed for
Long-Term Success

Designed for Long-Term Success

Structured Cabling Solutions

Technology continues to innovate at a rapid pace. Without a network cabling solution that can keep up with the demands of your workplace, you’ll never get the most from what’s implemented into your building. When you work with Phase Integration, we create customized solutions that consider all your technology needs, current and future. Because we understand and work with you to choose the right technology to support your business, our structured cabling solutions are optimized for performance and ultimately save you money by preparing your business to be adaptable for the future.

Structured Cabling Services


We provide all aspects of structured cabling design and implementation, including low-voltage, horizontal and category. Whether retrofitting an existing space or installing within a new space, our team can create a design that incorporates cable pathways and trays, conduit requirements, distance limitations, MDF/IDF elevations, heat load modeling, and more to support:

  • Data and voice

  • Fiber optic

  • Surveillance & CCTV

  • Sound masking

  • Audiovisual

Case Study: Innovative Workplace Technology Solutions for CSI Companies

See how Phase Integration helped plan, design and implement the latest and great technology into CSI Companies new corporate headquarters, including a structured cabling solution that supports technology for optimal performance.