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Better Experiences.
Better Results.

Better Experiences. Better Results.

Why Choose Us

Taking a unique approach to traditional workplace technology consulting, at Phase Integration we invest in understanding your culture and segmenting complex projects into easily managed phases. Through a data-driven discovery process, we tailor solutions to how you do business to create a better experience with better results. We offer a complete menu of office technology solutions combined with an unbiased approach to give you the right products, and we strategically address your technology needs at the beginning of a project, saving you from making costly mistakes. As part of a global company, we provide scalable solutions for small companies with a single office to large employers with locations around the nation.

The Phase Integration Advantage

Complete Office Technology Solutions

Keeping pace with rapidly advancing technology while creating a positive experience for employees and customers is challenging. It takes the right balance of interconnected technology systems and products working together seamlessly to increase productivity and equip your workplace for the future.

At Phase Integration, we offer a comprehensive menu of workplace technology services and the latest industry best practices to maximize synergies between applications and streamline your planning, coordination, execution and ongoing support. From audiovisual technology consulting and structured cabling solutions to ongoing technical support, we give you all the office technology services you need in one place.

Discovery for Better Outcomes

Better performance cannot happen without challenging the status quo and understanding what your employees really need to succeed. The key to transforming your workplace is asking the right questions and having an open mind on where the answers might take you. Our discovery process assesses your current office technology approaches and asks employees what features will help drive collaboration and teamwork. Through this, we discover:
  • What employees need to do better work

  • How your leaders believe technology can enhance performance

  • The desired experience and outcomes in specific environments

  • What is most important in each space and how technology can best serve that

Strengthen Your Construction and Renovation Process

Often when businesses are planning an office renovation, move, or new construction, the process addresses critical workplace technology issues too late, leading to expensive mistakes, necessary modifications, and compromises. At Phase Integration, we know technology is not an add on. It is an essential part of your workplace that must be strategically addressed at the beginning of a project.

We have workplace technology experts that strengthen your project by partnering with architects and designers early on to represent your technology priorities and ensure communication and coordination across the various trades and stakeholders. When you partner with us, you save money by getting it right upfront instead of wasting resources on expensive retrofitting and underperforming configurations.

Strategic Savings Through an Unbiased Approach

Traditional design and build integrators are focused on selling products and are incentivized to push certain brands and get as much equipment into the deal as possible. They do this without focusing on your unique business needs, leading to overspending and underdelivering.

Phase Integration’s technology consulting and project management model is an independent approach centered on delivering you the best value regardless of manufacturer brand. Because we are unbiased, you get a broader field of options to achieve the right solution for your specific needs. We also have strong relationships with the best manufacturers and integrators to bring you the right combination of products and services.

Scalable Enterprise Solutions

Implementing new enterprise standards for workplace technology across all your locations is a powerful way to magnify business results. As part of a global leader in workplace solutions, The Suddath Companies, our services know no boundaries. We have the resources and reach to support all your national upgrades, renovations and relocations. Our solutions range from one-time project support up to dedicated technology consulting and program management teams for clients with large ongoing requirements. Whether you have one project to accomplish or you are embarking on a multi-year upgrade project to transform your business, we have the expertise, resources and reach to make it successful.