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More Protection,
Privacy & Productivity

More Protection, Privacy & Productivity

Acoustics Consulting and Sound Masking Solutions​

Security, privacy and productivity are more important than ever, and sound plays a huge role in creating an office environment that promotes these. When designing the acoustics of a building there is a lot to consider including noise level, room acoustics, sound isolation and vibration.

At Phase Integration, we are experts in optimizing acoustic comfort for your office. Whether you’re a healthcare provider that needs acoustic consulting to meet the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) speech privacy criteria, or a corporate headquarters that needs different levels of audibility for a variety or workspaces, our sound engineers provide sound masking solutions ranging from protecting clients and patients to promoting productivity for your employees throughout your building.

Sound Masking Services


We offer acoustics consulting and sound masking system design, implementation oversight and ongoing support for retrofitting your current office space, building out a new office or evaluating the effectiveness of your current sound masking solutions.

Our sound masking services include:

  • Sound isolation

  • Noise and vibration control

  • Pink noise sound masking

  • Public address system design

  • Paging system design

  • Music playback system design

Frequently Asked Questions

Sound masking design is strategically adding background noise, or pink noise, to an office to reduce distractions, protect private conversations and increase workplace comfort.

Have you ever tried to concentrate when someone is speaking loudly next to you? Or gotten distracted by a completely silent room? Many offices have open floor plans, which help maximize space and collaboration, but leaves a greater need to create concepts of space and privacy. Sound masking design is used as a tool to create the ideal level of comfort while also protecting speech privacy for employees, patients and clients in a professional environment.

White noise is created using a mixture of sound frequencies that equate to a static-like sound. It is often high-pitched. However, pink noise uses a consistent pitch to mimic sounds that are flatter, like rainfall or wind.