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Office Technology

Your Trusted Office Technology Advisors

Workplace Technology Solutions for Owner Representatives

When representing an owner during the construction of a new office or renovation of an existing workplace, you need support from workplace design and project management experts who can keep pace with rapid technology developments and implement industry best practices to ensure your client gets the best office technology solutions.

At Phase Integration, our approach starts by looking at the project as a whole and working with your client to identify the ideal end-user experience. Because we are not tied to any manufacturers, we offer unbiased solutions concentrated on easy-to-use technology. By considering every aspect of the building, from power locations to ensuring the drywall can support necessary technology mounting gear, our solutions help save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes from the start. How we support owner representatives:

  • We do a deep dive into your clients’ workplace technology needs by discovering their ideal end-user experience and system functionality to identify what equipment and wiring are needed prior to submitting drawings

  • Provide design, implementation and ongoing office technology support

  • Coordinate with various vendors, from design to construction, to enhance communication and coordination, so the vision of the project is executed accurately and on time, saving time and reducing costs

Workplace Technology Consulting and Design Services

From design to ongoing support, Phase Integration brings you expert resources combined with a complete menu of workplace technology services to maximize synergies between applications and streamline your project—leading to happier clients and more successful outcomes. Services include:

  • Workplace technology design

  • Office technology implementation

  • On-going system support and preventative maintenance 


Yes, our workplace technology consultants and project managers can work with and recommend outside vendors and subcontractors for your project. We have strong relationships with the best manufacturers and integrators to help bring your clients the right combination of products and services.
Yes, if you’re in the middle of a project or behind on technology planning, we can help you catch up and avoid unnecessary expenses. Even with finalized drawings, we will significantly enhance your outcome and reduce unnecessary costs.
Yes, our expert workplace technology design consultants can look at a current drawings and designs and provide inputs based on the goals of your project.

Yes, we frequently build RFPs and get multiple offers from qualified vendors to ensure you’re getting the best services at a competitive price.