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Office Lighting Control Solutions

With the variety of office lighting and control systems in today’s market, it’s important to have a trusted advisor who stays abreast of the latest commercial lighting solutions. Proper workplace lighting can prevent workplace incidents, reduce eye fatigue and headaches, and increase energy and cost efficiencies. At Phase Integration, our experts can help deliver office lighting solutions that have a positive influence on employee well-being as well as your bottom line. Whether you are looking to design and implement a new lighting control system, or trying to save energy with an existing system, our team can help create, oversee implementation and support your commercial lighting control system.

Commercial Lighting Services and Lighting Control Solutions


We offer office lighting and control design solutions ranging from leading-edge low-voltage LED office lighting systems to more traditional switched and dimming systems. Services include:

  • Office LED lighting

  • Dimming and switching control

  • Color-changing lighting

  • Circadian rhythm


As experienced commercial lighting control consultants, we work with you to identify your lighting needs, from designing a new LED office lighting system control solution to improving your existing system, our office lighting solutions improve employee wellbeing and increase energy and cost efficiencies.
At Phase Integration we employ an independent approach centered on delivering you the best value regardless of manufacturer brand. Because we are unbiased, you get a broader field of office lighting and control systems to achieve the right solution for your needs. We also have strong relationships with the best manufacturers and integrators so you can benefit from costs savings.