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Case Study

Innovative Workplace Technology Solutions for CSI Companies

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In relocating headquarters and moving 150 employees into a new building, staffing firm CSI Companies recognized the need to integrate a modernized workspace designed to engage employees, customers, and visitors. CSI Companies sought immersive office technology and assistance with implementing a holistic approach to setting up key technology throughout the new building. 


Phase Integration’s ability to streamline a commercial technology plan adaptive to any project helped CSI Companies formulate a single solution for their new headquarters’ workplace technology needs. Starting with an in-depth discovery process to understand the staffing agency’s needs, Phase Integration created a comprehensive plan based on CSI Companies’ ideal end-user experience and system functionality. 

Through Phase Integration’s complete menu of workplace technology services, our consultants helped maximize synergies between applications and streamlined CSI Companies’ planning, coordination, and execution during the project. 

Our audiovisual technology presented solutions that enhanced workplace operations. Phase Integration implemented a streamlined system making it easy for guests to check in to the building using digitally enabled processes. We also provided digital signage solutions that give The CSI Companies’ employees access to remotely update digital marketing and displays throughout the office using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. By integrating video conferencing into shared spaces, employees can now virtually connect across company lines of businesses and meet with clients with the press of a button. 

The need to transfer technology to the new headquarters required a multi-phased installation process. Phase Integration’s structured cabling solutions provided project management over the technology development and design of the new workspace. A visual blueprint of the technology design was presented outlining each step and outcome of the project. 

Video Case Study

See how we helped staffing firm CSI Companies seamlessly integrate powerful workplace technology elements to engage employees, visitors and customers in their new Jacksonville, FL headquarters. 


  • Project was completed on time and under budget, saving CSI Companies a quarter of the estimated cost

  • Choice of a security access by scanning your mobile phone or tapping a badge

  • Seamless onboarding and training process with a virtual environment

  • Improved team engagement encouraging social and health progress

  • Named one of Jacksonville Business Journal’s Coolest Office Spaces 2021

Key Services

  • Keyless entry

  • Digital guest kiosk

  • Room scheduling

  • Video conference

  • Virtual training room

  • Digital signage

  • Structured cabling

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