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Case Study

United Way



United Way of Greater New Haven, a nonprofit organization creating solutions for the most pressing challenges in the areas of education, health, and financial stability, grounded in racial and social justice for New Haven residents, was experiencing audio issues having only one mic available to conduct meetings. Those who attended meetings virtually or in-person found it difficult to hear presenters clearly. The audio equipment installed didn’t provide adequate reach and clarity, whether guests were in the room or attending events virtually.


At Phase Integration, we understand that each organization has unique needs as well as different levels of understanding of today’s rapidly changing and expanding technology offerings. Keeping pace with rapidly advancing technology is what our office technology experts do best.

When United Way was looking to improve their outdated technology, the nonprofit needed a trusted partner who could provide solutions backed by information and knowledge of what’s on the market today. They found an invaluable resource in Phase Integration’s suite of office technology solutions. Offering in-depth acoustics consulting, our technology experts walked the non-profit though the entire experience and found a microphone solution that provided better sound quality for presentations.

The consultation involved a complete inspection of the collaborative space and current audio system. The Phase Integration team recommended a selection of microphone expansions that would seamlessly integrate into their acoustics system and provide optimum clarity. Because Phase Integration’s technology consulting and project management model is an independent approach centered on delivering the best value regardless of manufacturer brand, we provided United Way with multiple options that would satisfy their needs. Then, we worked with United Way to help make a final selection based on a variety of factors that were important to the non-profit.

From the compatible options, Logitech Rally Mic Pod’s sleek, low-profile design offering remarkable range and exquisite sensitivity was selected. This modular microphone renders clear, natural, conversational sound, suppresses noise, cancels echo, and can be daisy-chained for full coverage in rooms with long tables. Its clever design also makes it easy to deploy multiple mics with the option to anchor to tables and ceilings, enhancing the audio experience.

“I couldn’t be happier for Phase Integration’s help, assistance, and support,” said Kathleen Crisafi, United Way Executive Assistant and Tocqueville Society Manager. “They were available to me whenever I needed to ask even the smallest, silliest question and didn’t make me feel judged on this learning journey. They talked me through every aspect of the project, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is need of this type of service.”


  • With the microphone pod's crisp, clear audio pick-up and thoughtful controls, United Way of Greater New Haven can now conduct hybrid meetings with ease and deliver an exceptional experience for both remote and in-person attendees.

Fast Facts

  • Locations: New Haven, CT

  • 32 x 37 sq ft. conference room

  • Installed: 4 Logitech Rally Mic Pods

Key Services

  • Audio Technology Consulting

  • Installation

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