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2023 Workplace Technology Guide for Happier Employees

Take your workplace strategy to a new level as you prepare for what’s next. Like the past year, 2023 will focus on workplace technology solutions that improve, influence, and engage healthier practices designed to propel businesses.

As Gen Z powers through the workforce, it’s time to transform into a modern environment integrated with workplace technology ideal for collaboration, career development, flexibility, and employee wellness.

As leading workplace technology and project management consultants, we understand the importance of innovation, its ability to improve productivity and present a solution that easily integrates new trends. To prepare you for 2023 and beyond, we’ve organized an essential guide of technology trends you should adopt for happier, more engaged employees.

 1. Retire Dated Technology

Onboarding. The job market is never easy to navigate, but on landing the job, employees expect a streamlined transition into their new role. Whether your work environment is fully remote or hybrid, today’s innovation enables employee access to on-the-job training tools and resources without meeting face-to-face. Through artificial intelligence (AI), an employee can experience personalized learning and a curated training course based on their role.

Office management software. Invest in an office management system that is user-friendly, integrates easily with other workplace solutions, and provides features that better employee experiences. This inclusive technology improves productivity and efficiency through software that supports daily operations, such as real-time insight into assets, use of facility space, and project management components that track project status and task assignments.

Upskilling. People are seeking new development practices that meet their professional needs, and AI presents the best solution. As your company creates hiring and retention strategies, consider training and career development programs that use AI to recommend learning courses, videos, and articles based on employees’ interactive decisions and skill interests.

 2. Focus on Health, Wellness & Safety

Touch-free access. Since COVID-19, we’ve learned the importance of contactless technology related to sanitation and safety. Avoid germ hotspots, such as keypads, doorknobs, and other security access points, by integrating a hygienic work environment that prevents frequent surface cleaning, employee health concerns, and additional operational costs.

Lighting & acoustics. A relaxed, balanced environment is necessary for optimum performance and efficiency in the workplace. Enhance your workspace with a lighting and acoustics design that supports greater comfort and care for employees. Innovative lighting systems powered by natural light and sound masking design components featuring white noise are simple upgrades proven to support wellness.

 3. Add Collaborative Tech Tools for Better Employee Engagement

More work besties. Remote and hybrid workplace models have become the new norm, and while there are many advantages, often it can impact how employees foster personal connections. The adoption of high-tech advances remote work and presents unconventional ways employees can continue to collaborate with their peers, connect with leadership, and network across multiple lines of business. Utilize immersive communication software to create a tailored employee engagement strategy featuring diverse communication channels, unique teamwork opportunities, virtual event planning, and convenient ways to connect with peers and leadership on demand.

Social responsibility initiatives. Lately, people are seeking employers who are socially responsible, forming connections with organizations that champion wellness, inclusivity, and a sustainable future. Jumpstart your philanthropic efforts and digitally connect with nonprofits, partners, and diverse organizations anywhere, anytime, using immersive workplace technology.

 4. Feature Mobility in the Office Space

Hot desks & office hoteling. These are space-sharing solutions ideal for limited workspaces and business environments offering flexible schedules for employees. Since the pandemic, companies no longer see the need for assigned seating or excess office space. Hot desking allows employees to choose any available desk when visiting the office and office hoteling creates a reservation system for employees to request their work area before they arrive. For these solutions to work, you need a workplace optimization solution that visibly tracks occupancy, employee scheduling, and alerts for desk cleaning.

Deskless workers. From retail to healthcare, this large fraction of the workforce deserves an environment that grants the same access to high-tech tools and resources office workers traditionally experience. Develop a workplace technology suite inclusive of deskless workers. Technology that’s easily accessible on mobile or desktop, customizes resources and integrates communication tools to deliver timely updates.

At Phase Integration, we help businesses reach new heights through workplace technology and project management solutions, improving the employee experience. Transform your business with the latest technology design to ignite performance, manage downtime, sustain productivity, and minimize operational costs.

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