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Workplace Technology Solutions FAQs

Many organizations think about their technology as power and pathways, but it’s much more complex. At Phase Integration, we show you how each interconnected technology element, from digital signage to structure cabling, plays a specific role in creating an interconnected experience that engages employees, visitors and customers with interactive brand experiences to strengthen your culture.

When it comes to technology project management, we tightly align your needs by coordinating with other vendors, including furniture, electrical, flooring and ceiling, to ensure your project is done right the first time saving you downtime, money and hassle.

At Phase Integration, we provide a full spectrum of workplace technology services. From audiovisual technology consulting and structured cabling solutions to workplace analytics and ongoing technical support, we bring it all together under one roof, increasing accountability and results.

  • Audio visual technology
  • Structured cabling solutions
  • Acoustics consulting and sound masking solutions
  • Lighting system design
  • Security and access control system design
  • Workplace optimization and analytics
  • Onsite and remote technical support

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By channeling more dollars towards what you really need versus correcting expensive oversights and mistakes, we help you save money. Our commercial technology consultants help you avoid common mistakes like:

  • Insufficient power supply and power in the wrong places creating expensive retrofitting
  • Too few wireless access ports compromising signal strength
  • Incorrect screen sizes
  • Failure to plan for future enhancements
  • Missing data lines and jacks in the wrong locations requiring expensive re-work

If you’re in the middle of an office renovation or relocation and behind on technology planning, we can help you catch up and avoid unnecessary expenses. Even with finalized drawings and your general contractor on-board, we will significantly enhance your outcome and reduce unnecessary costs.

We can immediately add value to your project. Our workplace technology consultants will look at your overall office technology goals, review your drawings and help identify potentially costly mistakes before it’s too late.

When you work with Phase Integration, we follow a three-step process to ensure your desired outcomes are reached.

Step 1: Plan
  • We provide an in-depth needs analysis session with the key management and end-user groups to discover what needs are most important
  • Taking what we have discovered in the needs analysis, we create a project map that shows the various commercial technology requirements at high level and associated budgets around those requirements
  • A formal technology design is put together based on the approved project map
Step 2: Manage
  • An RFP is issued to one or many of our pre-vetted and certified technology installation and equipment partners
  • Those proposals, along with a master scope of work, are presented as a package that will fulfill all your commercial technology requirements
  • We create and manage the master technology integration and hold the integration partners to their portion of the scope of work
  • Our experts ensure the project is completed down to the last detail
Step 3: Support
  • You get onsite and remote support personnel to assist in troubleshooting and technical issues that may arise
  • We schedule preventative maintenance visits to make sure your commercial technology systems are operating as originally installed
  • We ensure firmware updates for various software and hardware are up to date

We can happily work with your current technology vendors to help simplify the process when it comes to designing and managing multiple technology disciplines and vendors on a project. We take on the role as your customer technology representative and make sure all vendors are completing their responsibilities based on the master scope of work and hitting deadlines set forth in the master technology schedule.